Meet David:
    Your Facilities Manager

    You’ll have heard us say it before, but we think we’re creating something really special here at The Green. It’s a great place to rent a home in Crawley, and not just because our houses and apartments are second-to-none. Nor is it only about the onsite amenities we’re making available to residents. It’s about creating a community and serving the people within it too.

    Our resident services team is right at the heart of everything that goes on. Anyone living here will have noticed David Taylor around The Green already; fixing issues and making sure that everything is running like clockwork. Never short of a friendly smile or a chirpy “hello”, we’d like to invite you to find out a bit more about David – our Facilities Manager.

    David Taylor is one of our Resident Services Manager; an onsite handyman here to help with all your maintenance issues

    Hello David! How are things?

    Hi there! Things are going great, thanks for asking…

    What’s your background? What did you do before joining The Green?

    I come from a background in facilities block management and engineering in iconic, exclusive landmark residential buildings. I’m well used to dealing with numerous issues relating to maintenance, security and health and safety. I have extensive professional qualifications in this field; I’m also a member of professional bodies such as Nebosh.

    What do you think is the best bit about your role at The Green?

    The best thing about my role at The Green is working in a professional environment; striving to bring our residents closer together and to form a really close-knit, safe community.

    What is a typical day like for you at The Green?

    On a day-to-day basis, I’ll be maintaining the site and discussing issue with engineers to resolve problems. I’ll also advise on how to make our site more efficient, safe and cost-effective to run; proactive in carrying out both the hard and the soft services here!

    What do you do when you’re not at work? Do you have any hobbies/interests?

    My hobbies when I’m not at The Green include walking and travelling. I also have a martial arts background too.

    If a resident asked you for a recommendation for a) dinner, b) a day trip or c) a local attraction, what would you suggest?

    The best local attraction, in my opinion, are the Seven Sisters near Brighton. Here you’ll find beautiful coastal paths and wild nature. If it’s a good restaurant you’re after, The Salt Rooms in Brighton does amazing fish dishes too.

    Thank you for your time David – we’ll let you get back to it!

    David – with Chris and Emma – is part of our outstanding resident services team here. And our team will always be looking out for you when you rent one of our stunning homes.

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