We’re more than just bricks and mortar at The Green. Our beautiful homes for rent and spectacular resident amenities are one thing, but we’re also creating a special sense of community here too. It’s not us building it, though. Instead, it’s our residents; the people who are really shaping something to be part of.

Some of our residents helping to make this happen are here to share their experiences of life at The Green. You’ve heard what we’ve had to say about what we think makes our community so special. Now, however, we’ll let our residents do the talking; the people about whom it’s all about for us here…


“My first impressions of The Green were great. It is modern, clean and professional. The Clubhouse, however, stood out as the main USP for us.

“The facilities are what make this place amazing. Not only are there physical components such as a gym and studio, but it creates a social environment just being there. I now attend two fitness sessions a week, and play football with the guys on Saturday mornings.

“If I was talking to someone thinking of moving here, my advice is pretty simple really: go for it! Great location, great facilities and great staff.”

– Alex Sebuliba


“My first visit to The Green started at the Clubhouse, at which point I was already sold on living here. Once I viewed the stunning apartment, I was ready to sign up.

“What I value most is how beautiful the site is and how friendly everyone is. It’s a safe area where I can walk at night and feel completely secure. The events put on for us are amazing too; I look forward to each one.

“[If moving to The Green], be open to new friendships and take part in all the great activities available onsite. Absolutely subscribe to the dedicated Facebook group too,  so you can contribute to the community here.

– Dave Dyer


“I was looking for somewhere while working at Gatwick and that accepts pets. My first impression of The Green was: I need look no further; this is where I want to live.

“As someone who isn’t naturally very sociable and expecting to be on my own a lot of the time, the opposite has been true here. I’ve made friends here with people that will remain friends for life.

“The Green is by far the best value for money available, certainly in this part of Sussex. Don’t waste any more time; come and join in. If you have any doubts, speak to us residents. I guarantee we’ll convince you!”

– Nigel Bullen