Play football on the sports court at The Green

In-Depth: The Outdoor, Multi-use Sports Court

Fancy a kick about? A game of tennis or badminton? We’ve got just the place… Our multi-use sports court is perfect for you if you want to stretch your legs, burn off some energy and get some fresh air. Free to use and book out for all of our residents, the sports court is all yours!

The Green’s Outdoor Sports Court

How big is The Sports Court?
The Sports Court is big enough to play all your favourite sports on and big enough for group exercise classes! But specifically, it is 40m long and nearly 13m wide.

How many sports can be played on it?
Football, basketball, tennis, foot-tennis… pretty much any ball sports! Most types of ball sports can be played due to the various markings on the pitch. The court also has the potential for additional activities such as boot camp and personal training classes!

What is the Court currently used for?
We are currently trying to start a Tennis Club at The Green, and we run exercise classes every week out on the court in summer. These include a Circuits group and a Boxercise class. There’s also a 5-a-side football team which will always relish playing new people!

To book The Sports Court, just get in touch with our onsite team or use our residents’ smart app.

Come and take a tour of The Green to see what we have to offer residents – including our fantastic outdoors Sports Court and all our other amenities.