In-Depth: The Hall

    The Hall is our multi-purpose events space for residents to use for classes, parties or simply chilling out...

    Ever need some extra space to workout? Can’t find a good venue for your next party? Or could you do with a quiet area away from the outside world in which to get work done? The Hall is the answer to all these needs and more; our multi-use events space for residents and one of the superb amenities available to you at The Green.

    As a resident, The Hall is an events space you can reserve for whatever you need it for. This is also where we host our exclusive resident events and activities. It has many strings to its bow: yoga classes, group workouts, meetings, parties, lectures, dinners, workspace, study area and more; we’ve made sure The Hall can be the space you need (and want) it to be.

    The Hall at The Green

    How big is The Hall?
    The Hall is a 27ft by 13ft events space

    What can you use The Hall for?
    It’s up to you! The Hall has a number of uses, with tables and chairs available if you need them. Yoga mats are also available, and there are a number of fitness classes that already take place in The Hall – some led by residents, others by a qualified Personal Trainer. As a resident, you’re more than welcome to join in with them!

    What’s The Hall like when you’re inside?
    The Hall has low-level windows fitted with blinds for ventilation and privacy screening. It features a vaulted ceiling with suspended LED spot lighting and wood flooring too, with the whole events space finished in neutral colours. There is access from The Lounge and the corridor that leads through the Clubhouse.

    Are there any other facilities in The Hall?
    The wifi internet connection available in The Lounge extends into The Hall too.

    Can I book The Hall for private events?
    Yes, you can! The Hall can be reserved for any private event if you need a bit more space for your guests. It’s not a problem to use the tables and chairs that we have; you’re free to bring food and drink in too.

    To book The Hall, just get in touch with our onsite team or use our residents’ smart app.

    Come and take a tour of The Green to see what we have to offer residents – including our fantastic events space in The Hall and all our other amenities.