Here at The Green, we know the cost of moving home can soon add up. We also understand you’d rather put your hard-earned cash towards things that really matter to you. It’s why we’re proud to now offer deposit-free renting in partnership with Canopy. It’s a whole new way to rent your dream home…

What Is Deposit-Free Renting?

Our deposit-free renting option means you can move home for less, while also helping build up your credit score by paying your rent. You’ll need a RentPassport, but you can create one in less than a minute.

Instead of a conventional (and expensive) deposit, our deposit-free renting is a more affordable option. Think of it as an insurance policy; the one-off premium that’s typically between 10% and 18% the cost of a deposit.

It covers you for the full length of your tenancy at The Green. You can also renew it if you decide to extend your tenancy, although a renewal payment will apply.


Deposit-Free Renting: Am I Eligible?

To find out if you are eligible for deposit-free renting, you first need to create a RentPassport. You can do it using the web portal at or with the dedicated iOS app to create an instant digital profile.

Once this is created, you’ll get a TrustScore. If yours is above Silver, congratulations – you’re eligible! You’re also able to see how paying your rent is boosting your Experian credit score with the Rent Tracking feature.

It makes more sense than ever to make the move here. Get in touch with us now for more info about deposit-free renting and to arrange your tour of The Green…